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Creating a Modern Office that Gen Z – and Everyone Else – Will Want to Work In

Inger Bartlett of Bartlett & Associates explores why designing an office space that is appealing to all generations is integral to a company’s success and employee satisfaction.

5 Ways Workplaces and Workplace Designers are Adapting to Gen Z

Now that Gen Z makes up a sizeable portion of the workforce, RSP’s Shanti Okawa explains five major ways they’re making their mark on the corporate workplace.

Implementing a People-First Approach to Change Management

Michelle Beganskas of TMA outlines the importance of change management strategies for organizations looking to smoothly transition to success in a new environment.

Hendy Creates An Out-Of-This-World HQ For Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab, a satellite launch provider and space systems company, has a new global HQ in Long Beach, CA designed by Hendy. Take a tour with us!

Groglass Offices Reflects Their Product And Business Transparency

When renovating their Riga, Latvia offices, the use of glass throughout the space was important to Groglass to reflect their values and products.

Chasing Productivity and Innovation: Can the Workplace Get Us There?

Productivity and innovation are derived through empowering the employee with choice; by architectural transparency and openness; and by providing spaces that disrupt and communicate inspiration and motivation the individual and the team.

The Power of Trust

Surprising ways your office design shows you trust your employees

How to Build a Startup Culture in a Big Organization

JLL's Dr. Marie Puybaraud shares five ways to make like a small startup and master big ideas—and execution.

Looking Back to Get Ahead in Building Materials Transparency

Perkins + Will's Suzanne Drake explains the power of transparency in building materials and how it can transform our mindsets and ultimately the world.

A Workplace That Supports a Guiding Principle: “One Measure of Success – Yours”

We recently spoke with Sid Chowdhary, CEO of Credence Management Solutions, LLC about their experience as they grow across the U.S. and globally.

How to Enable More Transparency at Work

Find out how more transparency can increase wellness, trust, and learning at work.

The Work Design Now Treatment: fairlife (VIDEO)

The full case study and video showcasing Work Design Now 2013 winner, fairlife, and details on how you can win the same thing this year.

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