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return to the workplace

Predicting the Unpredictable: How to Prepare for the Return to the Office

FCA's John Campbell shares how we can prepare ourselves and our offices for the return to the workplace.

Hospitality Design Cues Make The Return To The Workplace Easier

Darian Lu shares how hospitality influenced design can help create work environments that focus on employee experience and foster community.

Why Agile Workplaces Are Now More Important Than Ever

As the world moves towards the next normal, agile workplaces will become more important than ever before.

An Interview with Jorge Cherbosque: Supporting Mental Health As We Return To The Workplace

Bob Fox chats with Dr. Jorge Cherbosque about how to decrease stress and enhance feelings of safety at work post-COVID-19.

Returning to a New Workplace • Webinar

Returning to a New Workplace On June 25th, Entro will host a 1-hour panel, ‘Returning to a New Workplace’, the third installment of our online webinar...

Industry News: The “Future Of Work” Is Here, Thanks To COVID-19

Corporate leaders are scrambling to develop radical new work strategies, coworking spaces face their day of reckoning, and more news.

How Architecture Can Defend Us From Germs, Bacteria, And Viruses Like COVID-19

Architects can create healthy buildings by making smart choices about the surfaces that we choose and the detailing we include in our projects.

Creating A Safe Return To Work: 3 Things NOT To Do

One size does not fit all. Parthajeet Sarma shares three things that organizations should NOT do as we make our return to work.

Five Futures for the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

BHDP's Drew Suszko shares five future workplace scenarios for corporate real estate post-COVID-19.

What People Can Expect From Their Workplace Post-COVID-19

Drawing on observations and experiences gleaned from decades of designing office environments, Martin Goldstein predicts some substantive shifts in what people can expect from their workplace.

Rethinking Workplace Design in the Wake of COVID-19

Megan Hart, NCIDQ explores how the return to the workplace will push us to consider infection control strategies common in healthcare interior design and architecture. 

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