Modo WorkReady: A Cohesive, Holistic Return To Office Experience

The Modo WorkReady app enables employees to book anything from desks and meeting rooms to workspaces and dining reservations, and more in a single Modo-powered return-to-office app.

As companies plan to bring their employees back to the office, the need for a robust technology solution is now more important than ever. Modo Labs has developed a multi-functional app to streamline several of the processes that are now critical to making the workplace safe and keeping it healthy.

Modo Workplace is a unified mobile workplace app solution that brings together all the tools and resources your employees need throughout their day. The app-building platform makes it easy to quickly create a branded experience that integrates with your office systems and exceeds everyone’s expectations, boosting employee engagement with access to the workplace information and services they need to stay informed and connected.

As the world adjusts to the “new normal” of COVID-19 and companies of all sizes prepare to return to the office, only Modo Workplace includes Modo WorkReady, a turnkey solution that enables companies to provide a confident, safe return to the workplace. WorkReady provides a professionally-designed set of tools and screens that can inform, engage, and empower your employees to simply tap to locate and reserve a safe workspace; securely self-report their health status and be cleared to come on-site; be informed of changing building and workplace policies before they step foot in the building; receive location-based notifications while on-site;  and instantly access all the resources they need to stay safe and be productive, no matter where they are on a given day.

Unlike other solutions which were designed for a single purpose of returning to work and require your employees to download a number of additional apps to accomplish their daily tasks, only Modo WorkReady was designed to incorporate seamlessly into Modo Workplace and serve as an essential component of a cohesive, tailored, and holistic return-to-office employee experience.


What is the name of your desk reservation platform?

We have designed Modo WorkReady, this app enables employees to book anything from desks and meeting rooms to workspaces and dining reservations, and more in a single Modo-powered return-to-office app. Employees have instant access to make and release these reservations, and availability is updated in real-time.

How will this platform help a business that is planning their “return to the office” efforts?

Empowering employees with the ability to reserve a safe workspace, maintaining social and physical distancing amongst colleagues, is critical to ensuring a successful return to the office. Beyond safe space reservation, a Modo WorkReady app provides additional elements to ease the transition back to the office such as virtual tours to train employees on new in-office protocols, the ability to request and locate PPE, location-based health self-assessment check-ins, mobile alerts to keep all informed and to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and more.

What factors were the driving forces behind your platform?

As companies are shifting to the ‘new normal’ Modo has the benefit and experience of working with several Fortune 100 clients challenged with implementing a smooth transition to a hybrid distributed/on-site workforce. Based on their return to the office digital strategies and the best-in-class app experiences our customers are already delivering to their employees with Modo Workplace, we created Modo WorkReady, an out-of-the-box solution, built on the proven Workplace platform.

What are the key features?

A mobile app is the single most effective way to share timely information, provide easy access to critical resources, and adjust quickly to continually changing circumstances. Modo WorkReady empowers you to deliver a localized experience with real-time, location-based alerts and a purpose-built set of features for driving safe behaviors and empowering the confident return to the workplace.

Key features include:

  • Virtual tours to prepare employees for the new normal
  • Desk and workspace reservations in seconds
  • Indoor maps that enable quick navigation to safe workspaces
  • Desk sanitization requests and PPE supply locations
  • Driving productivity for both on-site and remote workers
  • Delivery of up-to-the-minute information and services
  • Employee health self-assessments to inform your organization and mitigate risk
  • Secure collection of self-assessment data for analysis and follow-up with affected employees
  • On-screen health verification to prove compliance when entering a facility
  • Employee guidance to needed health services and other critical resources

What do you think users will love about your desk reservation platform?

Modo provides, all in a single app, all of the tools and resources employees need to confidently return to the office. Only Modo WorkReady is purpose-built for the return to the office, is ready in hours, requires no technical skills to manage, and is designed to serve as the cornerstone for a comprehensive workplace experience app.

Can you give us an idea of your pricing structure?

Modo’s SaaS-based platform is priced based on the number of users and features licensed. If readers would like more information, or to contact a rep, they can request a demo here.

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