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The Modo Workplace app makes it easy to create a unified experience of your new hybrid workplace. Employees can navigate all aspects of the workday, from bookings to health checks to collaborations, guest visits and more, within a single mobile app.

As companies shift to hybrid models and return to offices that look and work differently, the need for a technology solution that unifies the employee experience is more important than ever. Modo Labs‘  low-code app building platform includes all the tools employees need to safely book desks, equipment and rooms, sync with co-workers, access local transit and dining options, manage visitors and stay connected in real-time with relevant communications – from one mobile app. It unites remote and in-office workers, teeing up the collaborations that drive innovation. The turnkey solution helps employees make the most of their days while you make the most of your dynamic space.

How will this platform help a business that is planning their “return to the office” efforts?

In hybrid environments, employees need to plan their in-office time to make the most of it, and they’ll move around the office differently, in spaces transformed, sanitized and spaced for safety, with new booking processes and systems. All of this change needs to be managed while making sure employees can easily navigate and control their experiences. Modo Workplace facilitates the entire workday, and includes tools to ease the transition back to the office such as virtual tours to train them on new protocols and interactive maps to guide them to new configurations, the ability to request and locate PPE, location-based health self-assessment check-ins, mobile alerts to keep all informed and to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and more.

What factors were the driving forces behind your platform?

Companies leading the transformation to hybrid work, like Goldman Sachs and Okta, trust the Modo platform at the base of their mobile workplace apps, and its continued innovation is informed by their best practices. We designed Modo Workplace as out-of-the-box-ready to:

  • Streamline the end-to-end workplace experience in one app – no need for employees to access different tools across devices and apps. It’s all on their phones
  • Build confidence, boost productivity and collaboration with a digital experience that keeps employees connected and facilitates schedule syncing among coworkers
  • Optimize space utilization by placing the tools to discover and book the right resources in each employee’s hand
  • Reduce app launch time and speed expansion with pre-built features and a highly customizable UI built on an enterprise-class global infrastructure

What are the key features?

Modo Workplace maximizes employee productivity, sparks collaboration and optimizes space utilization through:

  • In-Office Schedule: From a single screen, view your workday schedule, expand it to see buddies’ schedules and edit/cancel bookings. Set preferences for default office locations, meeting rooms and desks.
  • Collaborator Synch: See who’s working when/where and align your schedule and location. One click to confirm, cancel or edit. View and manage your pre-populated buddy list and add, remove, and rearrange with ease. Quickly find and add buddies to your list with progressive search by name or email.
  • Getting Around: Use interactive floor plans to locate amenities, find co-workers and book desks. Seamless integration with Mapspeople and Google enables outdoor to indoor navigation, search and filter. Mobile ID features turn smartphones into passports for touchless access to buildings, rooms and desks.
  • Room Reservations: Seamless Office 360, EMS and Zoom integration to manage hybrid meetings with the ability to select pre-populated available meeting space based on location, attendee profiles and AV needs. Motion sensor integration enables automatic release of physical rooms if no physical presence is detected.
  • Health, Safety and Confidence – Beyond easy access to wellness services and health related workplace amenities, the app enables employees with secure symptom self-reporting, wellness monitoring, health attestations, touchless entry, sanitization requests, the ability to locate PPE and more.
  • Messages and Alerts: Manage space utilization with nudge notifications asking employees to confirm reservations and/or opt to release bookings automatically unless confirmed. Alert employees to office status changes.
  • Process Orchestration: Ease of integration with ServiceNow and your enterprise systems to create help desk tickets, approve work orders, and in app search and access to the knowledge base.
  • Accelerated launch and development: Pre-built features on top of a fully managed infrastructure let you launch and pivot quickly while infinite customization and smooth integration with enterprise systems mean you can keep using your existing Microsoft 360, EMS, and other business systems and/or manage it all through the Modo platform.

What do you think users will love about your platform?

Modo Workplace unifies the entire end-to-end workday in one seamless app – there’s no need for employees to access different tools on different devices or learn multiple interfaces. It’s all in one place, one interface, on their phones. It’s ready in hours, requires no technical skills to manage, and is designed to serve as the cornerstone for a comprehensive workplace experience app.

Can you give us an idea of your pricing structure?

Modo’s SaaS-based platform is priced based on the number of users and features licensed. If readers would like more information, or to contact a rep, they can request a demo here.

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