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Technology Tips That Can Help Businesses Return To The Workplace

How can technology make the return to the workplace less stressful for employees? Allwork.Space offers suggestions on how technology can enable a safer workplace.

What the Future of Technology in the Workplace Means for Office Design and Operations

What do you need to provide to entice employees to leave their home offices? Mara Hauser of Workplace Studio explores the importance of including easy access to technology. 

The Benefits of Unassigned Versus Assigned Seating in the Workplace

FCA's John Campbell explores how the unassigned workplace can provide a truly agile work environment.

Nuvolo Space Reservation System Provides The Tools For An Outstanding Work Experience

With an easy-to-use mobile experience and real-time reporting, Nuvolo's solution platform helps companies better manage and optimize their workspaces.

Modo Workplace – Productivity, Collaboration, and Space Optimization Delivered

The Modo WorkReady app enables employees to book anything from desks and meeting rooms to workspaces and dining reservations, and more in a single Modo-powered return-to-office app.

SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation Platform Supports A Confident Return To Work

Looking for a safe return to the office? SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation technology enables employees to see on a map if they’re maintaining proper spacing.

A Round Up Of Leading Desk Reservation Technology

Check out this list of our favorite desk reservation products to make your return to the office transition as smooth as possible

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