Best of 2020: Our Top Product Profiles

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Emma Weckerling
Emma Weckerling
Emma is the Former Managing Editor of Work Design Magazine.

The specifiers have spoken! Here are our most popular product roundups and product profiles from 2020. 

A Round Up Of Leading Desk Reservation Technology

Featuring solutions from: Sony, Envoy, MapIQ, AgilQuest, Freespace, iOFFICE, Teem, Modo, Spacewell, SpaceIQ, Serraview, Archibus, Nuvolo, Add-On Products, and Optimaze
The Modo WorkReady App

A Round Up Of Our Favorite Separation Solution Products

Featuring products from: Acoufelt, Kimball, HPFi, Branch Furniture, HAT Contract, Okamura, DeskMakers, Herman Miller, Watson, Decca Contract, Poppin, and Spacestor
Full Edge-Mount Screen by Kimball

A Roundup Of Our Favorite Work From Home Products

Featuring products from: Poppin, Arper, Herman Miller, Davis Furniture, Scale 1:1 DeskMakers, Clear Design, and Wilkhahn
Poppin Dream Desk Set

Colony By Frövi

British furniture manufacturer, Frövi released Colony – a workspace solution that can be used to create more creative and flexible office environments.

The Updated C9 System By Watson

How people work together will change. The updated Watson C9 system meets these challenges to create a safe workspace.

The Ascend Height Adjustable Desks By DeskMakers

The sleek, clean design of Ascend can work in a variety of office layouts.

The Seamless Table By Green Furniture Concept

Green Furniture Concept’s Seamless Table and mounted Leaf Lamp are the perfect way to bring nature inside the modern office.

Disinfectable Fabric By Crypton

Understanding that the priority on cleanliness is higher now than ever, Crypton Fabric has increased their focus on cleanability and disinfectability, while also reducing fluorine levels to just 0.1 percent.

The Washbar By Bradley

Bradley Corporation introduces the WashBar which helps promote better hygiene and houses soap, water and dryer in one intuitive and attractive unit.

The Muvman By Aeris

The Muvman from Aeris sets new standards in workplace seating for range of motion, adaptability and height adjustment.

Stay tuned as we launch Work Design Marketplace coming January 2021!

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