WDM’s Guide To New Phone Booths & Privacy Pods

Check out this list of our favorite new Phone Booths & Privacy Pods to make your return to the office as smooth as possible.

While open offices can be great for flexibility and collaboration, the lack of acoustical and physical privacy can lead to issues, especially as we prepare for the return to work. Therefore, we have rounded up a list of the latest phone booths and privacy pods to help transition employees who crave a quiet place for a call or heads-down work, among open plan spaces. We’ve even captured their air quality stats, connectivity options, sustainability stories and the all important installation times!

Cubicall Privacy Pods by Cubicall

Create dynamic and flexible workspaces that inspire, improve satisfaction and increase productivity with Cubicall. Cubicall’s modular & prefabricated privacy solutions limit noise distractions & airborne contact, ship flat for easy installation, and are fully customizable. The patented designs feature industry-only, space-saving bi-fold doors to help more businesses comply with International Building Codes and make the most of their space.

Acoustic Rating: Reduces speech by 29db.

Connectivity Choices: Comes with standard USB-A, USB-C & three standard 120v outlets and Ethernet/cable feed in desk.

Installation Time:

  • Two Series Phone Booth: 45 minutes
  • Four Series: 1.5 hours

Air Quality Considerations:

  • Replaces air within booths every 60 seconds
  • Negative pressure HEPA filtration available
  • Seamless integration of automated UV disinfection ceiling lamp (disinfects surfaces & air)

Sustainability: Made in the USA and comprised of 70% recycled materials.

  • Aluminum
    • 70%-100% recycled aluminum
    • Reusable
    • 100% recyclable
  • Soundproofing
    • 60% post-consumer content (recycled plastic bottles)
    • 100% recyclable
    • Free of VOC’s, non-hygroscopic, antimicrobial & anti-fungal
  • Wood
    • FSC-certified, CARB compliant wood
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Drape by Okamura

Drape creates quiet, private work pods that are perfect for touchdown work or making phone calls. The panels, available in two heights, are constructed to absorb sound and are covered with PET felt or fabric. Drape is designed to be compact with a small footprint but still provides maximum privacy by blocking the line of sight.

Acoustic Rating: NRC – 0.70, SAA – 0.68

Connectivity Choices: Optional desktop power outlet and task light.

Installation Time: 20-30 minutes by two technicians.

Air Quality Considerations: SCS Indoor Advantage Gold.

Sustainability: ISO14001

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Framery One by Framery

Framery One is not only stylish and super smart, it incorporates the latest technology, leading sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics. You can look forward to a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions and can enjoy best-in-class design while you focus on your next project.

Acoustic Rating: The speech level reduction ( DS,A ) of Framery One is 30 dB measured according to ISO 23351-1. Pods with this level of sound insulation can be placed right next to workstations in an office, and people working outside them will not be able to overhear discussions happening inside the pod.

Connectivity Choices: Power outlet and USB charger are included. There is an option to add wireless charger and local area network (LAN).

Installation Time: As fast as 20 minutes

Air Quality Considerations: The ventilation speed for Framery One is 29 l/s which is over four times higher than recommended for occupied spaces. This ensures that the air inside Framery One is extra fresh and clean. The air is also always free of odors because of the activated carbon filter. The filter removes pollutants from the air through an adsorption process. The indoor air quality of all Framery products is tested by an accredited testing laboratory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and is found to be well within the limits of M1 emission classification.

Sustainability: The pod is constructed from steel, and a total of 95% of the materials used in this highly durable pod can be recycled. Steel also helps to ensure that the structure is fireproof, ensuring user safety.

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The Meeting Room by ROOM

The Meeting Room by ROOM is a modular conference room that fosters a more connected experience and inspires a better way to work, together. Thoughtfully designed to create more meaningful one-on-ones and small team collaborative work for up to four individuals, all without the hassle of traditional construction.

Acoustic Rating: Sustainable soundproof walls that reduce noise by 27 decibels.

Connectivity Choices: Built-in powerbox to keep guests charged and connected and free of cord clutter with 3 AC outlets, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, 2 CAT6 data ports for ethernet connectivity, and wireless charging capabilities.

Installation Time: Plug + play installation in less than 3 hours with 3 people.

Air Quality Considerations: Each room comes equipped with four ultra-quiet fans located on the roof and discreet air inlets behind the sofas to keep the air inside fresh at all times. ROOM’s proprietary ventilation system wholly replenishes air every minute, 5x that of a standard conference room.

Sustainability: By thinking cyclical, ROOM is not only designing for the way our products are used, but the way they’re reused. Leveraging recycled plastic bottles for our soundproofing – over 1,000 in total, and giving our products a second life post-use, they’re making more room for the environment.

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The Phone Booth by ROOM

Constant noise and insufficient meeting space lead to lost productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. The Phone Booth by ROOM creates space for solo phone calls, virtual meetings, and focused work, so you never have to fight over conference rooms or take calls in the hallway again.

Acoustic Rating: Sustainable soundproof walls that reduce noise by 28 decibels.

Connectivity Choices: Two 120v outlets and an optional ethernet port ensure you stay connected and keep you charged up.

Installation Time: Easy install in less than 1 hour with 1 tool, and two colleagues.

Air Quality Considerations: Each booth comes equipped with two ultra-quiet fans located on the roof to keep the air inside cool and fresh at all times. ROOM’s proprietary ventilation system wholly replenishes air every minute.

Sustainability: Three layers of sound insulation made from recycled materials, including 100% natural breathable wool and no-dye-added acoustic felt.

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Residence Connect by Spacestor

Over the past several years, many innovative products have reached the market addressing the need for privacy, peace, and quiet for focused work. The team at Spacestor has created the Residence Connect as a single person, tech integrated pod designed to deliver the ultimate equitable video-conferencing experience through unparalleled user experience, sustainability & inclusivity.

Acoustic Rating: A patent-pending acoustic seal technique ensures an extremely high acoustic performance (reduction rating exceeding 35dB).

Connectivity Choices: Integral chase available for flexible connection of all MEP components, including sprinklers and power.

Air Quality Considerations: An additional feature is a UV air purifier to cleanse air between each user.

Sustainability: All materials are LBC Red List Compliant, no added formaldehyde and patented PVC-free acoustic seals.

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TalkZone by Spec Furniture Inc.

Your Zen Moment is Here: A place to collect your thoughts, take an important call, or work on that critical project in silence – it’s all within your reach with TalkZone. Step inside to a private workstation that provides quiet space on-demand. Available with the handle on the right or left side – depending on your layout needs, TalkZone offers an area to do hard work without distraction.

Acoustic Rating: ISO 23351-1:2020

Connectivity choices: TalkZone features cove power module with two power, and two USB outlets. Available in Gloss White, Silver Pearl and Black.

Installation time: Up to 3 hours.

Air Quality Considerations: Sensor activated integrated intake and outtake fans provide air circulation while a user is in the booth.

Sustainability: In the process of being LEVEL certified.

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WiggleRoom by KI

WiggleRoom brings balance to open environments by creating an individual, distraction-free option within the togetherness of open plan spaces. WiggleRoom is a place for private phone calls, one-on-one video conferencing, and focused work. Featuring excellent acoustic properties, WiggleRoom supports privacy with sound-absorbing panels and a magnetically sealed door.  Make a statement or seamlessly blend into any space by specifying colors that make your vision a reality.  Select from a range of options for materials, surfaces, seating and accessories that enhance comfort and productivity in a compact workspace.

Acoustic Rating: WiggleRoom Pod has been acoustically tested to have Db loss of 30. The self-closing, magnetically sealed door is acoustically sound to minimize noise distractions.

Connectivity Choices: Optional Qi-enabled power module supports a USB-A port as well as Qi wireless charging and offers two 120-volt AC outlets. Specify power supply as 3-prong plug or hardwire. 7.5 foot power cord with a 3-prong plug; also available with hardwired whip. 12-volt power supply for power module, ventilation and lighting.

Installation Time: Once a WiggleRoom Pod is uncrated and at the desired location within the space, the pod requires two installers an average of two hours to fully assemble the unit.

Air Quality: Motion-activated ceiling fan constantly replenishes internal pod air, maintaining a comfortable environment with 100% air replacement every 60 seconds.

Sustainability Story: Constructed using ecologically sound and recyclable steel and aluminum, WiggleRoom Pods are designed for sustainability.

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