A Round Up Of The Leading Meeting Room Reservation Technology

Find the Room Reservation System that’s right for your organization. 

Incorporating a room reservation system in your organization can significantly enhance the employee user experience. Some of the great benefits include having meeting space reserved in advance to enhance usability and productivity; capture realtime data into how spaces and resources are being used; prevent double booking; and easy integration into visitor management systems. Work Design has conveniently rounded up the leading room reservation systems on the market to help keep your organization organized!

AgilQuest Forum

Forum, AgilQuest’s SaaS cloud-based meeting room booking platform, increases collaboration and productivity, streamlines room selection processes, and helps employees add amenities and services with less hassle. The platform is easy-to-use and makes it simple for employees to find the best collaboration space in advance or in an instant, in the office or on the go. Organizations can increase the efficiency of conference room usage by eliminating unused, double-booked, and capacity unbalanced rooms.

Key Features:

  • Find the perfect collaboration space by filtering searches by available amenities
  • Add services and equipment needed for the most productive meetings
  • Create advanced multi-point reservations for streamlining meetings in more than one location
  • Keep your employees in the tools they already use every day with direct Google and MS Exchange
  • Calendar integration, and an MS Exchange Add-In
  • Make and manage reservations from a mobile app, web interface, and digital signs
  • No proprietary hardware means you can choose from a number of digital sign options such as Crestron, Room Wizard, iOS, and Windows-based hardware. You can even use QR codes rather than digital hardware for an inexpensive, touchless solution.
  • Use the “Search for a Person” feature to book collaboration spaces in proximity to where they’re already working.
  • Understand how your rooms are being used, what is working, and what isn’t, with built-in advanced utilization analytics.


  • Google
  • MS Exchange
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IAdea’s WRP-1000 Enterprise Room Booking Panel

IAdea’s Room Booking solution takes all the fuss out of booking a meeting room, making it easier for people to reserve a space to meet, connect and collaborate.

The device’s slimline design neatly mounts onto the wall, exuding an air of professionalism in any modern office while inviting users to interact. Boasting both form and function, panels give a wealth of room information that is easily digestible, including current occupancy status, total capacity, and cleaning status as well as extra facilities that are on hand such as catering. The panel’s ambient 360° halo light emits gentle-on-the-eye illumination that also changes based on room status, so it is viewable, even from afar.

With a wide variety of enterprise-ready features, it fills both organizational needs, as well as those of the employee, for a smoother workplace experience.

Key Features: 

  • Ambient 360° halo light — Distinctly gives at-a-glance status info for meeting room, viewable even from afar, without being garish
  • 10-Point multi-touch functionality — High-sensitivity ensures a smooth, non-frustrating experience for users that registers every single touch
  • Designed with aesthetics in mind — clean form is versatile for a variety of enterprise settings that blends in while still making a statement
  • Endless software choices — Absolute software flexibility allows compatibility with whichever software best suits the workspace needs
  • Door access control — Easily pair with a door lock based on ID authentication for a clean room access solution in security-conscious organizations
  • Fully-integrated features — All features come built into the slimline housing, removing the need for costly and unsightly addons
  • Integrated NFC/HID reader — Champion smooth room check-ins by a simple tap of your company-issued ID card or mobile device
  • Scalable and manageable — Whether you have one or one thousand devices, they are all easily managed through the centralized IAdeaCare software


  • Accruent EMS
  • Meetio
  • Planon Universe
  • Concierge
  • GoBright
  • Pronestor
  • Fugo
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After a year that saw drastic changes in the way the world does work, Joan – the centralized workplace management system – is set to bring some much-needed relief to all businesses aiming to leverage new solutions for the new reality. Introducing Joan 6 Pro – the slickest ePaper device for meeting rooms management

Joan 6 Pro is the key tool for streamlining workspace interactions and managing meeting rooms.
It enables booking of meeting rooms in advance through the calendar already used in the company or on-spot, before entering the meeting room. It displays the meeting rooms’ timetable on the device itself so everyone always knows when a resource is booked or free and eliminates double bookings or ghost meetings and optimizes real-estate use. Joan 6 Pro’s intuitive interface makes it a breeze to learn. With its nearly instant onboarding is made to start streamlining your employees’ workday within minutes of unboxing. The device is enterprise-ready, easily handling the space management requirements of companies with even 100+ meeting rooms.

Key Features:

  • Joan 6 Pro comes with the dual mount option.
  • The first option introduces a Smart magnet mount that is attachable to any surface. This magnet serves as a relay for room-specific information, readable by any Joan 6 Pro device on hand. This obviates any worry about misplacing dedicated devices. The smart magnet option harnesses both 2.4 / 5 gHz Wi-Fi for the best possible stability.
  • The second option is the Power over Ethernet mount, taking the device’s end-to-end encryption to an even more secure level. PoE also ensures that you’ll never have any maintenance costs for Joan, and you won’t even risk the already preposterously small chance of a device running out of power – after all, Joan 6 Pro lasts 6 months on a single charge. Additionally, the PoE dock LED lights to display the room’s occupancy status: green for “Free” and red for “Booked”.
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Modo Workplace

Modo Workplace goes beyond room reservations – it allows you to quickly create a unified mobile experience that makes it easy for employees to navigate all aspects of the new hybrid workplace.They can quickly book desks, equipment and rooms, sync schedules with co-workers, access local transit and dining options, manage visitors and stay connected in real-time with relevant communications, all from one mobile app. It unites remote and in-office workers, teeing up the collaborations that drive innovation. Modo Workplace is a turnkey solution that helps employees make the most of their days while you make the most of your dynamic space.

Key Features:

  • In-Office Schedule: From one screen, view your workday schedule, expand it to see buddies’ schedules and edit/cancel bookings. Set preferences for default office locations, meeting rooms and desks.
  • Room Reservations: Microsoft 360, EMS and Zoom integration help you manage hybrid meetings with the ability to select available meeting space based on location, attendee profiles and AV needs. Motion sensor integration can automatically release rooms if no physical presence is detected.
  • Collaborator Synch: See who’s working when/where and align your schedule and location. One click to confirm, cancel or edit. View, edit, add to and rearrange your pre-populated buddy list with ease.
  • Getting Around: Use interactive floorplans to find amenities, co-workers and desks. Integration with Mapspeople and Google enables outdoor to indoor navigation, search and filter capabilities. Mobile ID features turn smartphones into passports for touchless access to buildings, rooms and desks.
  • Messages and Alerts: Manage space utilization with nudge notifications asking employees to confirm reservations and/or opt to release bookings automatically unless confirmed before start time. Alert employees to office status changes and provide a central hub for information and communication by location and/or individuals via Bluetooth beacons and geofences.
  • Process Orchestration: Integration with ServiceNow enables creation of help desk tickets, work order approvals, and in-app searches of the knowledge base.
  • Accelerated Adoption: Pre-built features on top of a fully managed infrastructure let you launch and pivot quickly while infinite customization and smooth integration with enterprise systems mean you can keep using your existing booking systems and/or manage it all through the Modo platform.
  • A Holistic Approach Employees Love to Use: Streamline the end-to-end workplace experience in one app – no need to access different tools across devices and apps. It’s all on their phones!


  • Booking platforms including EMS, Zoom, Office 365, and G Suite, Microsoft 360
  • Digital Signage for iOS, Android & Windows (hardware independent)
  • ServiceNow
  • Mapspeople
  • Google
  • Motion sensors
  • Near-infinite integration opportunities as you expand to a unified workplace experience app
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Smartway2 is accelerating the world’s transition to smarter ways of working by designing, building, selling, and servicing technology platforms that deliver an ever-improving workplace experience in a hybrid working world.

Make collaboration as frictionless as possible, by enabling people to find a colleague they want to collaborate with and book a desk or space nearby. Smartway2 integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Teams, as well as sensors, visitor management, and access control systems, for a seamless experience.

Key Features:

  • Hosts and attendees can check in to meetings via smartphone, swipe card, or room panel.
  • Search for the right room by location, capacity, equipment, room layout options, and more; you can search for people too, with our ‘find a colleague’ feature.
  • Manage services like catering and equipment, or define your own using customizable approvals and smart notifications to manage Facilities, Catering, and IT workflow.
  • Automatically add set-up and break-down time, with notifications sent to your front-of-house team.
  • Define notifications for any event from confirmations, check-in reminders, reservation changes, or alerts from Facilities.
  • Set up reminders for meeting organizers, giving them the option to cancel unwanted bookings directly via email or in-app message.
  • Our flexible reporting engine keeps everyone informed with a range of interactive reports, both static and real-time.


  • Make bookings from any device through our mobile app or integrate the software with Outlook, Office 365 and Skype for Business.
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Sony Nimway

Research shows that one of the main reasons people will go to the office in future is to meet their colleagues. We all want to see and talk to other people, but we don’t want to have to do a whole lot of extra work to make it happen. Nimway solves this challenge with a simple and efficient solution for booking rooms, outlined below.

Key Features:

  • Find available rooms
    • Get an instant overview of all available rooms in your office by checking the Nimway map on the digital floor plan, or mobile app.
  • Book via the app
    • Book meeting rooms via the map or the calendar in your Nimway app.
    • The Nimway smart assistant finds a good room for you, based on your location and preferences e.g. close to printer or equipped with video conferencing facilities
    • Book up to two weeks in advance or quickly arrange a spontaneous meeting
    • Use the colleague-finding function to locate colleagues and invite them to join you
  • Book via room panels
    • Room panels placed outside meeting rooms visualise the booking and occupancy status of the meeting room
    • LED lights make occupancy status easily visible from a distance.
    • If a room is free, you can make an instant booking via the room panel
    • You can also easily cancel a room reservation via the room panel
  • Occupancy sensors
    • Sony’s room sensors automatically check you into the meeting room and enable real-time status updates (in the app, on room panels and floor plan)
    • The automatic check-in feature frees up unused rooms and reduces no-shows
    • Sensors also detect if a booked room hasn’t been used for a certain length of time, and adjust its status to available


Nimway is an open solution that’s easy to integrate with existing systems. Each installation is scaled to fit the number of users and customised to meet the business’s specific needs. Install the full package – including mobile app, touch-free screens and analytics – from the start or begin with an installation-free version of Nimway and build on it.

See the technology in action here.

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