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back to the office

How Workplace Art Can Remedy the Back-to-the-Office Blues

Tricia Binder of Muros explores how workplace art can enhance the employee experience and strengthen company culture.

Workplace Acoustics: A Tool To Draw Employees Back To The Office

Steve Johnson shares how acoustics can underpin a strategy to get employees agreeably back to the office.

Instead Of Trying To Compete With The Home Office – Work With It

Workplace designs that emphasize employee choice and autonomy will find themselves ahead as organizations return to their offices.

Thinking Beyond COVID: Designing Future-Ready Workplaces Today

Cuningham's Gary Miciunas maps out four scenarios to help organizations reimagine how their workplaces might evolve as the future of office unfolds.

How Designers Can Set The Stage For A Flexible Future

Mark Adams & Amy Clark of SmithGroup share what's working for their firm and clients as they continue to evolve to meet today and tomorrow’s needs. 

Hybrid working: What does it really mean?

Hybrid work is hard to define. Suki Reilly of MovePlan explores why each business will need to define how they want to work very differently.

What’s Working? Post-Pandemic Presents New Realities & Opportunities for the Workplace

Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies shares some tips for a customized and strategic approach for the post-pandemic workplace.

What the Future of Technology in the Workplace Means for Office Design and Operations

What do you need to provide to entice employees to leave their home offices? Mara Hauser of Workplace Studio explores the importance of including easy access to technology. 

Is Your Company Pandemic-Resilient Or Future-Resilient?

The future of work is complex, and maintaining headcount during COVID-19 does not guarantee a company is future-proof.

Training and Development: A Valuable Tool in the Return-to-Office Push

As employees transition back to working in the office, HLW's Evan Rusinowitz explores the benefits of improving post-pandemic training and development.

Envoy’s New At Work survey reveals how to get hybrid employees to choose the workplace

Envoy asked 800 workplace leaders to share the incentives they use to get folks to the workplace.

The Impact of Design on the Return to the Office

If the return to the office is to be successful now, Stuart Finnie of Unispace says a rethink on how the space is used is needed by all.

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