Industry News: Inclusive Design Is Key To The Future Office

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

  • CEO Today says the onus is on business leaders to create office space suitable for all and recognize a difference in working styles in order to maintain employee satisfaction and retain talent.
  • Years after the coworking giant, WeWork’s highly publicized decline, Wired shares how its principles have permeated traditional offices and unlikely work spaces alike.
  • Arch Daily has put together some ways to think about decompression zones that provide a playful environment and experiences that take the team’s mind to another place, housing a space for games, or a quieter space for introspective moments.
  • Forbes shares three ways to transform your commercial office space in response to remote work.
  • If the office is ever going to be a place worth leaving home for, it needs to change. Fast Company explores how to redesign the workplace of the future.
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