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Expert Insights

Symbols of Meaning in the Modern Workplace

Here’s how you can leverage an age-old practice in your workplace today.

Designing for the Way We Work Now

A workplace that not only reflects the company's brand but also amplifies employee performance.

Global CRE Challenges and Opportunities

HOK’s Kay Sargent shares lessons from her years as a workplace strategist, designer, and road warrior.

The New Corporate Campus

A look at the evolving corporate campus and ideas for creating one that adapts to changing needs.

The Future of Office Space as a Service

An interview with Duncan Logan, the founder of San Francisco tech campus, RocketSpace.

Linking Health and Human Performance to the Built Environment

Leigh Stringer explains the importance of Harvard's Health and Human Performance Index.

An Office that Moves People

An inside look at the first phase of JLL’s Chicago headquarters refresh.

How to Enable More Transparency at Work

Find out how more transparency can increase wellness, trust, and learning at work.

Is a Community Manager the Silver Bullet to Your Engagement Problem?

The value of community managers and how corporations can capture some of their magic.

The Three Faces of Human-Centered Design

A practical guide for making our workplaces more life-affirming.

Change Management and Your Workplace Transformation

How to change physical space and human behavior in the creation of new work environments.

On the Global Explosion of Coworking

A handful of experts share their thoughts on the phenomenon.

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