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Expert Insights

How to Find Refuge in an Open Office

A health consultant and meditation coach considers ways to promote more serenity at work.

A Tenant’s Guide to Space Options: Tenant Improvements vs. Landlord Turnkey

When you’re ready to “turn the key” and move into your new space, there should be no surprises.

Want a Cool, Creative Workplace? Here’s a Checklist

What to consider before changing your workplace.

NeoCon in Review

This year’s NeoCon concentrated on developing and refining many ideas from last year.

How the New Economy is Changing the Workplace, Part III

In this final installment, Bob Fox explores what this "new workplace" is all about, and how you can make the transition.

The Power and Subtlety of Language in the Workplace

Markku Allison on how we can improve the flow of understanding in the workplace with the words we use.

How the New Economy is Changing the Workplace, Part II

In this installment, Bob Fox explores how the workplace affects the long-term sustainability of your business.

Collaboration: Why Do We Need It? And, Uh, What Is It, Anyway?

In part two of his three part series, Marrku Allison looks at the nature and fundamentals of collaboration.

Has Google Grown “Old”? How the New Economy is Changing the Workplace

As the economy shifts, so do the spaces that best support the innovation and ideas necessary to sustaining a business.

Complexity in Systems, Organizations, and the Workplace

Complexity is pervasive in today’s workplace, but our understanding of it is not. Markku Allison finds out why.

How Deep Transformational Currents in Business and Culture Affect the Workplace

A look at what they are and how they are in play in business today.

Balance Workplace Energy by Applying this Ancient Wisdom to Design

If bad vibes abound in your workplace, the chakra system might be the perfect guide for bringing it back into harmony.

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