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Tips & Trends

When Building Tomorrow’s Workforce, Consider L.E.G.O.

How do we prepare our organizations and workforce to properly function, thrive, and seek fulfillment in a context of constant change and flux?

Emotion’s Leading Role in Designing Positive Workplace Interiors

Fernanda Ruelas of Legeard Studio shares some human-focused design tips and ideas for creating a positive workplace experience. 

High Performance Environments Should Support ALL People And ALL Workstyles

Gensler's Amie Keener shares some helpful tips to create happy, healthy workspaces that supports all people and workstyles. 

The Challenge for the Office

WDM Founder, Bob Fox explores how the office must enable, inspire, and empower the people using it in order to move forward.

Top 5 Trends And Practical Tips For A Successful Return-To-Work Implementation

Modo shares five trends and practical tips for a winning return-to-office strategy that not only garners high employee acceptance but also supports your organization’s business objectives and goals.

2023 Trends: Sensory Experiences Supporting a Hybrid Workplace

Kendra Linton of NELSON Worldwide explores how sensory experiences can support hybrid workplace culture and make room for human-centered design.

2023 Trends: A Holistic Approach to Change Management

Finding mutual alignment to define a change management plan that encourages employee engagement and communication is the path forward, says Perkins&Will's Kelly McEachern.

2023 Trends: A Well-Being Approach Vs. A Wellness Program

Rachel Howren of FCA explains the value of well-being as an incentive to encourage employees to come back into the office in 2023. 

2023 Trends: Let Data Light The Way 

M Moser's Steve Gale discusses how organizations can use data to build better, keep staff happy, and exploit the opportunities in ESG reporting.  

2023 Trends: Creating Places for Privacy in the Collaborative Office

Inger Bartlett of Bartlett & Associates explores why the office landscape needs to change in order to accommodate the working styles and preferences of employees.

2023 Trends: Marrying Office Technology and Design Thoughtfully

In the coming year, designers will be more intentional in their use of technology in office design, says John Rothenberg of SOSO.

2023 Trends: Work-Life Blend

Michel Fiechter of TPG Architecture​​ explores why it’s not about work-life-balance, it’s about work-life blend.

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