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Future of Work: Landlords Need To Start Leveraging the Power of AI, Here’s Why

Powered by tech and with the use of AI, landlords and property teams can expand their boundaries in order to provide corporate tenants with a truly flexible workspace.

Developers Are Betting on Live-Work-Play Communities To Attract New Tenants

Live-work-play communities aren’t exactly a new concept, but with the rise of remote and hybrid work, there’s a newfound interest in live-work-play communities.  

Will DE&I Gains Regress With the Rise of Remote and Hybrid Work?

Given the unique set of challenges that remote and hybrid work presents to DE&I efforts, workers and employers alike need to be vigilant so that the gains made are not abruptly lost.

This Is The One Element Missing From The Hybrid Workplace Conversation

In a Q&A with Allwork.Space, Nadia Tatlow, CEO of SaaS company, Shift, explains why it’s important to be intentional about the days people come into the office, and how to build engagement with a flexible workforce. 

Report Finds Companies Are Underestimating the “Great Resignation”

There is a very palpable employee turnover threat but employers are underestimating it, according to new research. 

The 15-Minute City Is Closer Than Ever To Becoming A Reality

The 15-Minute City Project believes that everyone living in a city should have access to essential urban services within a 15-minute walk or bike. 

Meet the ‘Lomads’: They’re Local, Flexible, and They’re Coming to a Coworking Space Near You

Flexible hybrid work is giving rise to ‘lomads’ (local nomads) – a group of people who have the option to work across multiple locations...

More Employees Now Favor Vaccine, but Debate Around Mandates Still Brewing

A poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed that 59% of remote workers favor vaccine requirements in their own workplaces.

Wellness Programs Aren’t Working: Is Toxic Workplace Culture to Blame?

The problem with many workplace wellness programs is that they don't tackle the root cause of most workplace stress – toxic company culture.

Is Now The Time To Move To A Flexible Workspace? A New Report Suggests So

New research from the Instant Group claims that flexible workspace can provide a solution to the challenges businesses are facing today. 

Future of Work: The Secret Ingredient to Drive Business Productivity And Growth

Trust is a vital ingredient in the future of work, particularly as companies offer flexible hybrid work options. 

It’s Official, The 4-Day Workweek Works – And Now It’s Here To Stay

A trial of a 4-day workweek found improved wellbeing, work-life balance, and collaboration among workers — and importantly, no loss of revenue for the organizations involved.

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