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Return to the Office: Why Indoor Air Quality Should Be the Top Priority

Given the nature of the coronavirus, many individuals are concerned about the air quality of their workspace. 

Supporting Women in the Workplace Through Inclusive Design

The pandemic has disproportionately challenged women, but there are ways to create a more inclusive workplace to support female entrepreneurs.

Welcome To the Distributed Age: How To Make Remote Work, Work

Jamie Orr provides key strategies from ‘Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart’ by John O’Duinn, including the ultimate takeaway: think big, but take relentless baby steps.

Five Strategies To Drive Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion In The Workplace

As the traditional workplace evolves, it’s the perfect time to decide which elements should be preserved, and which can be left behind.

The Post-Crisis Workplace Is Hybrid

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, 8.4 percent of people in the US worked from home full or part-time, and in the post-crisis future, that figure is expected to be 15.8 percent.

The Future Of Work: Tech Matters More Than You Think

Agile ways of working need to be more purposeful. To achieve this, business leaders must rethink traditional work models, along with their entire operational infrastructure. 

‘We Space’, The Destination Office, And More Design Expectations For The Year Ahead

A recent report predicts the big workplace trends that we can expect to see in 2021 including the rise of amenity rich, hospitality-type spaces that will make going to the office an attractive experience. 

Future of Work: From a Workplace-Centric to a Worker-Centric World

New research from JLL highlights four key strategic priorities for organizations, and how this will impact CRE in the future. 

How To Optimize Your Virtual Office Tour

From tripod positioning to maximizing natural light, these seven tips explain how to optimize your virtual office tour.

Seven Post-Lockdown Trends For UK Flexible Space

With the UK back in lockdown, here are seven themes that are expected to shape the UK flexible space market throughout 2021.

Top Five Workplace Wellness Trends For 2021

Many organizations have had to rethink their workplace wellness plans and investment areas during the pandemic. 

Six Ways the Pandemic is Changing Flexible Workspace

From using aggregators to make workspace easier to procure, to converting empty space for better use, here are six ways the pandemic will change the workplace going forward.

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