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COVID-19 News

Industry News: The Oval Office Desks of Presidents Past

A look back at the desks used by past presidents and Joe Biden's new desk, work is on the brink of a revolution, and more news.

Industry News: How To Redesign The Office For A Future With Remote Work

How to design a great 'IRL' office, importance of technology in the strategic design of workplaces in the COVID-19 era, and more news.

Industry News: Why Interior Designers Must Fight Climate Change

interior designers can have a much bigger impact on climate change, Hong Kong property firms are putting office features into new residences, and more news.

Work From Home: Who Should Pay For Home Office Costs?

One remote work challenge that’s currently in the spotlight is, who should cover the cost of working from home? 

Industry News: How Could Workplace Health and Safety Change Post-COVID-19?

how employer health and safety policies could effect future design, how designers envisage a future where social distancing is here to stay, & more.

Industry News: What happens to workplace perks when no-one’s in the office?

Without employees in the office, companies are being forced to reevaluate their incentives and work culture, what the office will look like in 2022, and more news.

Industry News: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Future of Offices

The evolution of office spaces as told by popular movies and TV shows, how to set up an eco-friendly home office, and more news.

Industry News: Is The Office Dead Or Not?

Is the office dead or will it survive and come back stronger than ever? Inform your opinion with some of the latest industry news.

Industry News: Companies Think Remote Work Isn’t So Great After All

Companies are facing many struggles and think remote work isn’t so great after all, what does the future hold for physical office space, and more news.

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