SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation Platform Supports A Confident Return To Work

Looking for a safe return to the office? SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation technology enables employees to see on a map if they’re maintaining proper spacing.

SpaceIQ’s Workplace Optimization Platform is helping organizations mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 with comprehensive desk reservation capabilities. SpaceIQ’s reservation solutions help organizations focus on employee safety while getting more from every square foot of space.

Where do you see your platform helping companies planning their “return to the office” programs and protocols?

SpaceIQ’s desk reservation solutions support a safer and more confident return-to-work transition for employees by providing a balance of flexibility and control. Built-in social distancing parameters allow employees to see on a map if they’re maintaining proper spacing. Administrators can see which spaces are too close together and can prevent individual desks from being reserved. SpaceIQ’s desk reservation system also logs who reserved a hotel desk for specific days or times, which enables more accurate contact tracing.

SpaceIQ’s desk reservations system is employee friendly too. Employees can easily see which desks are available, make reservations, and check confirmations right from their mobile device via the SpaceIQ app. Push notifications remind users who opt-in of a pending reservation. Reservation flexibility makes it easy to book today or hold a space for a future date.

intuitive navigation
SpaceIQ’s intuitive navigation makes it easy for everyone to use.

What factors were the driving forces behind your platform?

SpaceIQ’s desk reservations system was developed around flexibility, control, and ease of use. Organizations needed flexible options for using workspaces but required better administrative controls to maintain order and safety. Plus, the system needed to provide employees with valuable tools and resources while being simple to use.

What are the key features?

  • Easily make reservations on a tablet, at wayfinding kiosks, on Slack / Messenger, or via the SpaceIQ Employee Mobile App
  • See if you’re maintaining proper social distancing right on the map
  • Set safe distancing rules on a floor-by-floor basis
  • Drag and drop spaces to see if they are within social distancing parameters
  • Find nearby meetings rooms and hotel desks, then book available ones
  • See a room’s capabilities…then book it for a quick meeting
  • Reserve a hotel desk—either “Book Today” or hold for a future date
  • Find peers easily from a mobile device with the SpaceIQ mobile app
  • Restrict available space to a specific department
  • Locate emergency exits, first-aid kits, printers, etc.
  • Submit a maintenance or IT ticket, including details
  • View desk displays to know real-time availability or occupancy of a desk 
SpaceIQ technology
Easy to read graphics make space selection simple and fast.

What do you think users will love about your desk reservation platform?

SpaceIQ gives everyone confidence that their return to work will be safe and productive. Employees will love the simplicity of finding and reserving space and administrators will love the control and flexibility it provides. SpaceIQ allows bookings down to the minute and automatically frees up after a reservation goes unfilled after a certain amount of time.

SpaceIQ technology
Finding an available space – and reserving it are key advantages of the system.

Where can our readers find out more information, contact a rep or schedule a demonstration?

To talk to a desk reservations expert or to get a demo, click here

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