Nuvolo Space Reservation System Provides The Tools For An Outstanding Work Experience

With an easy-to-use mobile experience and real-time reporting, Nuvolo’s solution platform helps companies better manage and optimize their workspaces.

Planning for the return to the office presents many challenges for workplace managers. Fortunately, there are multiple technology resources that will help make the process easier for both managers and employees returning to their workplaces. WDM was intrigued by many of the offerings and our findings are being showcased in our Desk Reservation Systems round up. We were able to get into a bit more detail with our friends at Nuvolo.

Space reservations, wayfinding, AutoCAD integration, space editing, planning and moves are all possible as part of Nuvolo Space, and our years of innovation have positioned us as a leader in this area. Plus, having the ability to connect into to your facilities solution can allow for greater data sharing and cross collaboration.

Some key features allow employees to access an interactive AutoCAD floor plan and select where they would like to sit on the days they choose to come to the office. They can visually see where others have reserved spaces so a seat can be chosen close to their team members or distance themselves from others. Employees can check in and out of the space via barcode from the mobile application. Once someone has checked out of a space your facilities group is automatically notified that a space is ready to be sanitized. Facilities technicians can follow a CDC recommended checklist right from their mobile devices when performing the sanitation activities. After the work order has been completed the space will be available to reserve again. Data collected also allows space planners to get an accurate picture of how the enterprise space is being utilized, to make informed future planning decisions.

How will this platform help businesses with their return to work plans?

The Nuvolo solution empowers your employees to reserve a space they select; on the days they choose to be in the office. Sanitation guidelines will need to be properly followed, and the solution can ensure work orders are triggered when spaces need to be cleaned. All from the same platform, so there is never a miscommunication on actions.

What factors were the driving forces behind your platform?

This solution is part of our Connected Workplace platform, built on NOW, which connects all people, locations, assets, and business services on the same platform. Space Reservations is at the heart of what we do, connecting departments to enable communication and data sharing. Our goal is to empower employees and customers with the tools they need for an outstanding experience.

What are the key features?

  • The Nuvolo Connected Workplace is built on the NOW platform
  • Easily access people, places, or things through Nuvolo Wayfinding
  • Employees can easily view an interactive AutoCAD floorplan to select where they would like to reserve their seat for the day on an easy to use mobile app
  • Can easily view where other team members are sitting, or make sure they maintain social distancing
  • Can auto-trigger cleaning procedures after a space has been reserved or vacated
  • Allow for barcode check in/check out of the space
  • Leverage the data to track space utilization of your building
  • Ability for space planners to make smart decisions about their space based on actual metrics

What do you think users will love about your desk reservation platform?

Being able to view an interactive floor map from a mobile device. It’s a very visually appealing experience and they can easily select where they would like to reserve a space. Sanitation is key as well – and they can feel assured workspaces are cleaned after each use.

What is your pricing structure?

Pricing is typically per user.

Where can our readers find out more information, contact a rep or schedule a demonstration?

Reach out to Nuvolo at [email protected] or request someone to contact you here. Check out the video below to learn more!

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