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post COVID-19 workplace

Creating A Safe Return To Work: 3 Things NOT To Do

One size does not fit all. Parthajeet Sarma shares three things that organizations should NOT do as we make our return to work.

Five Futures for the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

BHDP's Drew Suszko shares five future workplace scenarios for corporate real estate post-COVID-19.

A New Normal: Touchless Offices in the Post-Pandemic World

The open office layout will survive COVID-19 – with the help of building automation systems to create the touchless office.

Post-Pandemic Workplace Evaluation: Capturing Data From The Remote Workforce

This unprecedented disruption to the workplace has provided a unique chance to study the impacts of more distributed remote workforce.

The Original Meaning of Social Distancing and Why Every Creative Professional Should Know It

Donald Rattner explores the psychology of how social distancing could actually boost the creative effectiveness of the spaces we produce.

Industry News: The Shape of Things to Come

We've rounded up a selection of articles from around the globe which outline the future state of work and architecture post-coronavirus.

5 Ways To Achieve A Healthier Work Space Now And After COVID-19

Design founded on empathy and safety can help inform a healthier working environment for building occupants post COVID-19.

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