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Meta Wants To Fix Ongoing Zoom Fatigue — But You’ll Be Waiting A While

The metaverse is a virtual reality alternative to Zoom, but will it be the key to solving pervasive Zoom fatigue?

Is VR Exciting Enough To Actually Change The Future Of Workspaces?

Changes in workspace design through the increased use of developing virtual workspaces are on the horizon, but they depend on employees actually using them.

Would You Give Your Staff The ‘Immersive Treatment’?

Immersive technologies are finding their feet in the future of work. Tech writer Gemma Church explores how immersive technology is starting to impact the world of recruitment.

10 Things You Need To Know About The Metaverse

To understand how it works, Allwork.Space shares 10 things you need to know about the metaverse and how it relates to the future of work. 

2022 Workplace Trends: Will VR Open Up New Choices?

Studio O+A's Primo Orpilla shares how VR could offer designers an infinity of choices in 2022 and beyond. 

Here’s Why The World Of Work Could Be The Perfect Environment To Introduce The Metaverse To The Masses

The metaverse is where VR and AR could finally get their moment in the Sun, after years of languishing in the tech doldrums.

Using Technology To Unlock New Rentable Square Feet In Historic Buildings

Scott Delano of Wright Heerema Architects walks us through how applying VR and 3D modeling technologies to a historic Chicago building allowed the design team to establish the feasibility of renovating the space for office use.

M Moser Associates’ NYC Office Reshapes Work in their Living Lab

M Moser Associates gets a new office packed with technological innovations that reshaped the way their employees work after several years of preparation.

Virtual Reality is Here to Stay

Why designers should recognize the value of VR in their creative process and begin to understand its immense importance as a communication tool.

Modern Fit-Outs Demand New Tech and Human Intellect

By leveraging space utilization and fit-out technology tools, workplace strategists can gain a deeper understanding of where things are now and where they need to go next.

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