How is COVID Reshaping Leadership, Management, and the Future of the Employee Experience? [Pt 3]

Join us for the finale of a series of three video interviews on the importance of mental health support.

This NEW workbook serves as a guide to the new challenges we are all experiencing as a result of COVID-19 as well as how to prepare for what’s next.

The final video interview of our three part series with Rex Miller and Dr Jeff Jernigan dive into the dramatic changes and new challenges we can anticipate for leaders, managers, and the workplace experience post-COVID-19

In this 30-minute video interview, Rex, Jeff and Bob explore the following ideas and more:

  1. The demands that employers will need to meet to ensure that their employees can return to work stress-free.
  2. What kinds of training leadership will need to undergo to bring employees back in a safe and healthy way.
  3. Why companies will need to reevaluate their organizational culture to make sure it is aligned with their strategy.
  4. Employees will expect changes to company health policies.
  5. We need to start talking about the stigma of metal health and how to eliminate it.

The second video addresses fatigue and burnout:

The first video explores why COVID needs to be handled like a mass disaster recovery:

Is this a fit for you or your organization?

READER EXCLUSIVE! WDM readers can enjoy a FREE SUMMARY HERE Interested in more? Check out the hard copy and digital copies here Note: the digital copy is a living document and is receiving regular updates as additional experts weigh in and more on the subject is learned. If you choose to make a purchase through the links on this page, we may earn a commission.

Be well everyone!

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