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Future of work

Developers Are Betting on Live-Work-Play Communities To Attract New Tenants

Live-work-play communities aren’t exactly a new concept, but with the rise of remote and hybrid work, there’s a newfound interest in live-work-play communities.  

Janet Pogue McLaurin On Where Work and The Workplace is Headed

WDM chats with Janet Pogue McLaurin of Gensler to learn more about their US Workplace Survey Summer 2021 and the future of workplace design.

Designing for neurodiversity builds healthier workplaces for all

DIRTT shares three key design elements that can enhance workspace conditions, making them more inclusive and welcoming for all.

A HR Guide to the Great Resignation

This guide by Jon Muller of Ergonomic Trends will break down what the Great Resignation is and what HR managers can do to reverse the tide.

The New, New Workplace

When creating return-to-work plans, FMs must remember the workplace must take on a completely different role in order to maintain its value.

What To Expect When We Return to The Office – Part 2

Lisa Killaby is back with part two of her survey of workplace designers and strategists to see what has changed and how many things remain the same regarding their thoughts about the return to the office.

This Is The One Element Missing From The Hybrid Workplace Conversation

In a Q&A with Allwork.Space, Nadia Tatlow, CEO of SaaS company, Shift, explains why it’s important to be intentional about the days people come into the office, and how to build engagement with a flexible workforce. 

A Functional Post-Pandemic Office that Inspires

Stephanie L’Estrange of Taylor Design asks: do our workspace environments inspire our employees to not “just work,” but to do their very best work?

Report Finds Companies Are Underestimating the “Great Resignation”

There is a very palpable employee turnover threat but employers are underestimating it, according to new research. 

Leadership In an Era of Change Fatigue

Julie Fuex explains how leadership that proactively plans for change fatigue will find that the effort invested reaps significant rewards.

The 15-Minute City Is Closer Than Ever To Becoming A Reality

The 15-Minute City Project believes that everyone living in a city should have access to essential urban services within a 15-minute walk or bike. 

Thriving in the Fluid Workplace

BHDP's Drew Suszko explores the impact of an increasingly fluid workplace on the workforce and how companies can learn to go with the flow.

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