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workplace change

Why a new office needs to go further than design

Sophie Grant of Peldon Rose shares what businesses need to do in order to see positive change in their work environments.

What Is The Office For? A Look At The Changing Role Of The Workplace

Companies that use offices as “centres of gravity” and places for connection likely won’t require as much space as before. Their workplaces will become more about human experiences and collaboration rather than square footage.

Workplace Interrupted: People, Technology, and Change

In order to ensure progress and resilience moving forward, we must emphasize that disruption can be a powerful force for change.

The Over-Simplification of Office Design, And Other Industry News

How homey should an office be? Does communication really lead to better results? Find out in our industry news round up.

Change Management Fails: How to Avoid Change Management Mistakes

Steelcase's Dr Tracy Brower shares the change management mistakes we’re making as an industry and how can we support the process more effectively.

Change Management: The Impact of Now

While not all organizations may be change mature, it’s important for all organizations to be honest about the impact of change and expectations on the employee.

The Value of an Enterprise Workplace Strategy and Responsible Design

How responsible design can help companies stay relevant to thrive in the future by attracting and retaining the right people with the right talent and inspiring them to do their best work.

Between Chicken Little and Deviance Theory: Changing the Role of Workplace Design

Arnold Levin urges the workplace design community to focus on external disruptions and begin to engage in organizational and process changes.

Worlds Colliding: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

If work-life integration is the norm now, how do employees find the right balance and integrate their personal selves into their work? And how do companies promote that integration?

CEO Buy-In: Why it’s Important

Our continuing CEOs Talk Workplace series has given us the following unique insight on the importance of CEO presence in instigating workplace change. 

The Dollars and Sense of Well-Being

Kate Lister breaks down the impact of the workplace on well-being and the steps to take to create a culture of well-being. 

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