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Designing Leadership Spaces for Hybrid Work

Rebecca Charbauski of Steelcase explores why it’s time to change executive leadership spaces to make hybrid work, work.

The Cargo Agency’s New Office Entices Employees Back With A Variety of Amenity Spaces

The Cargo Agency's visually striking office by McMillan Pazdan Smith features amenities that will attract employees back to the office. 

The Pandemic Pay-Off

Splitting our working hours between home and a more efficient, effectively designed collaboration hub could be the key to achieving a better relationship with our professional lives.

10 Things that Will Inform Post-Vaccine Workspace Design

Inger Bartlett shares lessons learned from the past year and the top 10 concepts influencing office projects in the very near future.

This Workspace By Bartlett & Associates Is The Kind That Will Be Trending Post-Vaccine

The Volaris HQ by Bartlett & Associates is the kind of workspace that will be trending post-vaccine, as the office becomes more of a collaborative hub where we connect with colleagues.

SERA Architects Creates An Agile, Collaborative Space For Google

SERA Architects reimagined Google's space to better support their team of designers, researchers and engineers, and to act as a hub that draws in collaborators from other locations on campus. 

Meet the Winners: Team SCAD and the MØDE Collaboration Space

Meet the Savannah College of Art and Design team: Interactive Kitchen / Cafe Collaboration Space category winners with their ‘MØDE’ submission. 

Meet the Winners: Markus Brown – Interactive Kitchen / Cafe Collaboration Space

Meet Markus Brown, who has won the Interactive Kitchen / Cafe Collaboration Space category of the Next Work Environment Competition with his 'Room to Move and Space to Stop' submission. 

Jackman Reinvents Creates A First Of Its Kind Space In Toronto

When renovating their new office, Jackman Reinvents knew they could trust Mazen Studios to be sensitive to the unique architecture of the space.

Nutanix Shows Off Their Personality Through An Energetic Sydney Office

Nutanix's vibrant workplace by M Moser expresses the company’s fun, energetic, and innovative personality while honoring the region's diverse heritage.

Redefine Workspaces With FrameWork From Decca Contract

As many of us are currently having to reexamine the layout of future workspaces, Decca Contract has delivered a great product, just in time!

This Seamless Table And Leaf Lamp Are The Ultimate Biophilic Combo

Green Furniture Concept's Seamless Table and Mounted Leaf Lamp are the perfect way to bring nature inside the modern office.

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