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Will The Cascade Of Bank Collapses Break The Coworking Industry?

Allwork.Space explains how the recent bank failings will likely impact the flexible space sector.

Industry News: What We Can Learn From The Agility Of Coworking Spaces

What can we learn from the coworking industry, are empty downtowns here to stay, and more industry news.

Industry News: The Work-From-Anywhere War Is Beginning

The most sought-after talent want ultimate flexibility, how a renovated bank enhanced its acoustic privacy in an open plan, and more news.

Industry News: How You Can Make Your Office Better In 2023

How to make your office better in 2023, a survey reveals a dramatic increase in building sustainability initiatives, and more news.

Industry News: The Top Reason People Want To Come Back To The Office

Why people crave spaces that facilitate focused work, six products that contribute to the circular economy, and more news from around the web.

Coworking Spaces Embrace Luxury To Woo New, Stable Clients

WeWork recently announced its Executive Suite launch — a new offering geared toward law offices, corporate clients, and other firms.

Coworking Centers Beware: Saying You’re Sustainable Isn’t Enough

Coworking center operators need to define what sustainability means for their spaces and communicate it more clearly.

Industry News: Companies Aren’t Giving Up on the Return to the Office Just Yet

Ninety percent of companies said they’ll require workers to return in 2023, 12 iconic office designs that redefined the modern workplace, and more news.

Industry News: What It’s Like To Work In The World’s Greatest Office

Working in the world's greatest office by Frank Lloyd Wright, remote work is killing Manhattan commercial real estate, and more.

Should U.S. Coworking Spaces Worry About Worker Migration?

People are moving from big U.S. cities to the South and Midwest regions. How will this affect coworking spaces?

Industry News: Office Space Is Back in Demand — With a Wellness Component

Invest in spaces that are successful for employers and employees alike, office lobby design is going through an experimental phase, and more news.

Industry News: The Reason People Want to Keep Working Remotely

Full-time side hustles among remote workers are at a high, a coworking boom in Latin America, and more news from around the web.

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