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Millennials are Driving the Green Office Revolution, and Other Industry News

Green offices aren't being built just for tackling climate change, but also now for attracting Millennial workers, is it worth it for governments to support co-working spaces, and more!

Between Chicken Little and Deviance Theory: Changing the Role of Workplace Design

Arnold Levin urges the workplace design community to focus on external disruptions and begin to engage in organizational and process changes.

The Death of the 8-Hour Desk, and Other Industry News

As work becomes something that can be done from anywhere, the 8-hour desk dies, Mashable offers some advice for office perks to Amazon for HQ2, and more.

A Park-Like Green Office that Promotes Productivity, and Other Industry News

A Vietnamese office space that gives a whole new meaning to biophilia, is this the year that tech companies will move their innovation and R&D departments into co-working spaces?, and more!

Which Finalist City Will Woo Amazon?, Chicago’s First Women-Only Co-Working Space, and Other Industry News

What will it take for the finalist cities to woo Amazon? + a look inside Chicago's first women-only co-working space, and more!

The Third Space Being Added to the Workplace, Climate is Missing From Amazon’s HQ2, and Other Industry News

What is the third space being added to the workplace?; should Amazon have considered climate change when selecting their next HQ?; and more!

The Changing Nature of Work and the Workplace: TORONTO

We wrapped up our five-city Work Design TALKS in Toronto at WeWork with a lively discussion on workplace trends and how that fosters business success.

Inside Herman Miller’s Test Lab, How Millennials Are Reshaping the Workplace, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.  Check out Architectural Digest's behind the scenes look at the Herman Miller Design Yard...

Work Design Talk Atlanta: The Changing Nature of Work and the Workplace

Work Design Magazine, Swingspace, and WeWork conversations move forward with a discussion at our October 17th Atlanta event. On October 17,  we continued our discussion...

6 Key Moments from Work Design TALKS: Chicago

As the third stop in our five city series, Work Design Magazine, SwingSpace, and WeWork recently took the conversation to Chicago! On Tuesday, September 19th...

How to Enable More Transparency at Work

Find out how more transparency can increase wellness, trust, and learning at work.

What to Look for in Your Next Community Manager

In celebration of our soon-to-launch job board, we're rolling out a series of articles to support your search.

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