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The Rise of the Coworking Class, and Other Industry News

How WeWork is producing a new kind of corporate culture, wellness features are being used to attract new tenants, and more news from around the web.

The Business Case for Living Buildings in 2019, and Other Industry News

The value propositions that are demonstrating the business case for Living Buildings, a new office in Ukraine designed to incorporate nap rooms, and more.

The Controversial Business of The Wing Explained, and Other Industry New

How The Wing became a flashpoint for debates over feminism, money, and power, a chair made of recycled plastic hints at the future of furniture, and more news.

It’s Time to Take Pointers From Coworking’s Success and Other Industry News

Traditional companies are looking to mirror the hospitable vibe of coworking centers, as Amazon and Apple grow their U.S. footprints, how they went about it reveals more about how the companies do business, and more news.

Amazon HQ2 and the new geography of work, and other industry news

Amazon's HQ2 reveals how geography and mobility are becoming major workplace drivers, millennial loneliness might be playing a part in the rise of office catch-all spaces, and more news.

Getting the Workplace Ready for Gen Z, and Other Industry News

How to prepare your workplace for Gen Z, an open office survey will results that will surprise no one, and more news from around the web.

The Blueprint for Designing a Happier Office, and Other Industry News

What to do and what not to do in the pursuit of joyful design, how office REITs might be affected by WeWork the co-working trend, and more news.

WX Summit The Workplace Experience Conference

Join the inaugural WX Workplace Experience Summit in beautiful Park City, Utah, brought to you by Teem, a WeWork company. The WX Summit will...

Something Worse Than the Open Office, and Other Industry News

Have we invented something worse than the open office?, how to tell the difference between shared office space and co-working, and more industry news.

Corporations are (Their) People

PLASTARC explores how the A&D community, through policy and thoughtful design, can build workplaces and cultures that allow us to both do well and do good.

WeWork Features Member-Made Products, and Other Industry News

WeWork has revamped their existing Honesty Market as WeMRKT featuring WeWork member-made products, new research suggests heat stress can muddle our thinking, and more news from around the web.

Why Co-Working Doesn’t Work For All

Team Sasaki takes us through 3 recent projects that demonstrate the positive outcomes of good design.

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