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Is Working From Home Wreaking Havoc With Your Health?

Working from home has done wonders for working people but it might have come at a cost to our overall health.

From Office to Home: WDM Reviews Sit-Stand Desks

Work Design Magazine shares what we love most about some of the top sit-stand desks on the market.

Working From Home Live 2022

  As Europe’s biggest business event we have launched Working From Home Live, helping our 30,000 plus business owners and their employees adapt to the future of...

Industry News: Are Niche Concepts the Future of Coworking?

Workers are opting for shared spaces tailored to their specific needs and communities, a former office building in Boca Raton turn into a modern tech campus, and more news.

Three Effective Collaboration Strategies For Distributed Teams

Many companies are making remote work permanent, but there are still challenges to overcome. 

The Perfect Pair: Matching Your Work Persona To Your Home Office Space 

AVIXA and Jenny Hicks explore the importance of matching one's corporate role to their defined work from home space through three personas.

How To Make Virtual Learning Workable: A Parents’ Guide

Elizabeth Hyde of PLASTARC shares research-backed virtual learning tips for leveraging space, design, and organizational systems to better meet kids' needs.

Industry News: The Future of Work Might Look Like This

How firms envision post-pandemic professional landscapes, coworking spaces have emerged as an alternative workplace option, and more news.

Paradigm Shift Needed to Foster the New Creative Office

For those wishing to return to work this year, PDR's Larry Lander outlines how to foster the new creative office.

Work Better: Expanded Expectations for Wellbeing at Work

Great workplaces can support wellbeing in many ways. Steelcase's Tracy Brower shares a few options to consider as we return to work.

Create Calm: How Home Office Design Can Help Reduce Stress

From desk position to wall colours, here are 5 easy ways to help ease work-related stress at home.

2021 Trends: The Homework Revolution

Donald Rattner shares how the home will become more like the office and the office more like home in the coming years.

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