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The pandemic has ushered in a new level of flexible working that is taking root in an increasing amount of organizations. In this hybrid work model, many employees now have the option to work from their homes, centralized offices, and even third spaces. There’s no doubt technology is a vital component to the success of this model in terms of efficiency, execution, and productivity. To help, we have assembled a round up of the latest hybrid workplace solutions that you’ll want to add to your toolkit ASAP. Watch, learn, and demo today!

AgilQuest Hybrid Workplace Management By Tango

Key Features:

  • Desk Booking: secure a desk before heading to the office
  • Room Scheduling: Book a single room or multi-point events from web, mobile app, digital signs, and Microsoft and Google calendars
  • Reverse Hoteling: Release a dedicated seat when the employee is out of the office to allow for use by others
  • Hybrid Meetings: Schedule meetings with Microsoft and Google calendars to add your favorite conferencing platform and your meeting room(s).
  • Capacity Management: prevent new desk bookings once a pre-set capacity has been met
  • Touchless: Use Mobile App and QR Codes to secure and check-in to desks and meeting rooms
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Envoy Hybrid Work

Key Features:

  • Workplace schedules: Sync your schedule with your co-workers, so you can make the most of every day at the workplace.
  • Invite coworkers to the office: Coordinate workplace meetings faster by inviting co-workers to join you on-site and booking a desk nearby.
  • Space booking: Reserve a desk or meeting room before you head in or book the nearest one on the fly in the Envoy app.
  • Health and safety: Ask employees to upload a photo of their vaccine card or their weekly COVID test, or complete a daily health check to confirm they’re healthy.
  • Workplace analytics: Know how many people plan to come in days and weeks in advance, so you can scale workspaces, support staff, and food orders up or down.
  • Space analytics: Find out which meeting rooms and desks people book most to inform how many and which types of space you make available.
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Kadence: All-In-One Hybrid Working Solution

Key Features:

  • Desk booking: Make desk and space booking easy with an app your employees want to use [see our Desk Scheduling Profile here]
  • Room scheduling: Integrates with Microsoft and Google calendars and other tools for simple room and desk management
  • People coordination: Help your people find teammates easily with interactive, real-time floor plans
  • Visitor management (coming soon): Know who is visiting the office, when they arrived, and that everyone is safe to be there.
  • Employee safety: Keep people safe with health screening, touchless check-ins and capacity management.
  • Space management: See how your people use spaces, and get insights to deliver a great experience. Set up neighborhood zones or quiet areas in a few clicks
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Modo Workplace App

Key Features:

  • Fast reservation of spaces, desks, parking, meals and more
  • Sync in-office schedules and seating with colleagues and friends
  • Health assessments, density checks, and touchless mobile entry
  • Opt-in affinity groups, challenges, social sharing and more
  • Virtual meeting spaces for coffee or gamification
  • Onboard employees in-office or remotely
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Nimway Smart Office Solution by Sony

Key Features:

  • Office access: plan which days you’re going to the office (helps FMs control occupancy levels)
  • Parking: book a spot in the parking lot before you leave home
  • Desk booking: book a place to sit in advance, or on the fly
  • Room booking: find and book a meeting room from the app, or directly on room panels
  • Find a colleague: see where your colleagues are (an opt-in feature that protects the user’s privacy)
  • Analytics: get detailed occupancy data to support the optimization of office space. For example, see peak occupancy times or compare room bookings against actual usage.
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Rendezvous by NFS Technology

Key Features:

  • Mobile booking app: book desks, meeting rooms and video conferences from one easy to use app. Organize audio-visual equipment and catering with ease. Even the most complex multi-location booking can be scheduled in a few taps. LEARN MORE HERE
  • Floorplan booking: staff can see in seconds where the free desks are going to be and book them via the floorplan on their mobile device. Notification is instant.
  • Reverse hoteling: this feature enables you to add permanent desks to the hot desk pool – for example when staff are on vacation. Great for meeting peaks in demand.
  • Safe, touch-free check in/out: choose from sensor-based, RFID, QR codes or in-app checking in and out of desks. Integration with desk panels makes sure that staff know which desks are free, busy or being cleaned – for extra peace of mind.
  • Integration with visitor management: create a great first impression, optimize people flow through the building and manage safety questionnaires. The process is triggered via the booking system: no need to rekey data.
  • Occupancy sensors: measure in real-time how the building is being used. Gather data and use easy to use graphical dashboards to pinpoint trends and make informed decisions when planning hybrid office design.
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Skedda Hybrid Workplace

Key Features:

  • Book spaces from custom, interactive floor plans
  • Automate complex booking rules & policies
  • Manage & track user & employee usage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Manage usage with Check-In feature
  • No implementation costs
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