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Future of Work: The Secret Ingredient to Drive Business Productivity And Growth

Trust is a vital ingredient in the future of work, particularly as companies offer flexible hybrid work options. 

Hospitality Design Cues Make The Return To The Workplace Easier

Darian Lu shares how hospitality influenced design can help create work environments that focus on employee experience and foster community.

Say Hello to the Age of The Mobile Office

Remote work is here to stay, and some people are taking the concept to the extreme. Some workers have taken their new found ability to work from anywhere as an opportunity to try the digital nomad lifestyle.

The Workforce Is Exhausted, It’s Time for Companies to Redesign “Work”

Efforts to keep things as normal as possible during the pandemic has only led to virtual overload. Employers need to “unlearn old habits and fundamentally rethink work design”. 

How Art Can Have A Transformative Effect On Your Workplace Community

Being in the presence of art, particularly fine artworks, has been shown to benefit workers by doing everything from reducing stress and boosting creativity. 

How To Optimize Your Virtual Office Tour

From tripod positioning to maximizing natural light, these seven tips explain how to optimize your virtual office tour.

Destination Interiors Support Employees Equally, Wherever They May Be

Equitable office design supports remote and in-person work alike, driving a sense of belonging not only through COVID-19 and beyond.

3 Expert Tips On How To Build A Vibrant Workspace Community

During a recent Coworking Convo, three coworking community managers shared top tips on building community within your workspace.

When We Go Back to the Office, Keep Working Like We’re Home (Let us Explain)

When we return to the office, let’s be sure to apply some of what we’ve learned from work at home, and keep them as a part of our daily routines.

Staying Connected While Staying Apart

During this time of social distancing, Stephanie Douglass of HOK shares some tips for designers to help us become better connected to our colleagues and our clients in a meaningful way. 

Choosing Responsibly: Healthier Materials in the Workplace

In honor of Earth Day, Vickie Nicola of Stantec shares why workspace designers have a responsibility to fill spaces with products made of healthier materials.

A Common Sense Guide for Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplace

Ware Malcomb’s Cynthia Milota offers strategic and tactical planning guidelines for our ultimate return to the office. 

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