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Disruption in Commercial Real Estate: Is this our Kodak Moment? 

Kay Sargent explains why the workplace design industry needs to innovate and evolve, otherwise this will be our Kodak moment.

How To Excel In An ‘Agile’ Workspace, and Other Industry News

Tips for transitioning from a traditional workspace to an agile environment, why a generation of workers is rejecting cookie-cutter office space, and more news.

Five Culture Trends That Will Dominate in 2020, And Other Industry News

A research-backed list of culture trend predictions for 2020, a look at TikTok's new LA offices, and more news from around the web.

How the Design World Is Reacting to the Australia Fires, And Other Industry News

How interior designers are trying to help the devastating bushfire crisis in Australia, color could negatively impact workplace productivity, and more news.

Coworking Space Development Trends to Expect in 2020

Here are the six of the most important trends shaping coworking spaces as we head into 2020.

What’s Next For Landlords After WeWork’s Crash, And Other Industry News

How building owners are weighing their options after WeWork's crash, Lego's first phase of its new Billund campus in Denmark, and more news.

Designing For Instagram Is Hurting Office Design, And Other Industry News

Are we creating beautiful, functional spaces or merely social-media-friendly content, open plan offices may not be good for everyone, especially women, and more news.

How To Entice Employees Back In The Office, And Other Industry News

A report from the GCUC conference on what pulls employees back to the office, what's next for WeWork after their CEO steps down, and more news.

Supporting Coworkers’ Well-Being in the Gig Economy

Knowledge from academic research community is finally percolating down to coworking brands, building owners, and design teams to the benefit of coworkers.

NeoCon 2019: Seminars That Caught Our Eye – Part 2

The NeoCon 2019 proposals offered an incredible array of topics from all sectors of the industry. Here are a few of the seminars that caught our eye.

Is Your Corporate Culture Cultish, and Other Industry News

How corporate culture can sometimes end up looking like something more sinister, a New York office building designed to help give monarch butterflies a place to live, and more news.

Are You Coworking the Right Way? …and Other Industry News

How to embrace the new ‘rules’ or tenets for coworking, high-design hotels are now becoming quite the hotspot for the freelancing force, and more news.

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