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How Place Can Help Us Think Better

Jan Johnson of Allsteel draws on the book "The Extended Mind" to share how can we thoughtfully apply social sciences to improve the experiences of people at work. 

Office Building Repositioning: Designing for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

SmithGroup's John Crump & Deborah Nemeth share four key factors to consider when thinking about an office building repositioning strategy.

Make The New Normal Work with a Change Management Plan

By Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies outlines how to create an effective change management plan as we return to work.

The Next Workplace to Bring People Together

WDM's Bob Fox shares how to create a workplace that supports our individual lifestyles. 

The Benefits of Unassigned Versus Assigned Seating in the Workplace

FCA's John Campbell explores how the unassigned workplace can provide a truly agile work environment.

Three Ways Workplace Design Supports a Culture of Trust + Empowerment

EUA's Heather Turner Loth shares why trust and empowerment is the key to creating a lasting value proposition, and in turn employee retention.

Why Coworking Is Still Relevant: Lessons for the Future of Work

Amid the shifts in the landscape of work and workplaces, lessons from coworking are important for how and where work will happen moving forward.

How Can Workplace Design Learn From Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic World?

What new practices and behaviors will influence the way we live and the way we work post-COVID-19?

How Architecture Can Defend Us From Germs, Bacteria, And Viruses Like COVID-19

Architects can create healthy buildings by making smart choices about the surfaces that we choose and the detailing we include in our projects.

Creating A Safe Return To Work: 3 Things NOT To Do

One size does not fit all. Parthajeet Sarma shares three things that organizations should NOT do as we make our return to work.

Choosing Responsibly: Healthier Materials in the Workplace

In honor of Earth Day, Vickie Nicola of Stantec shares why workspace designers have a responsibility to fill spaces with products made of healthier materials.

Social Data Brings New Life to AI for Architecture

This is the third installment in a multiyear conversation about the evolving role of data and technology in creating more people-centric design.

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